SDSU 2007 Master Plan EIR Update – Adobe Falls

Good Morning Del Cerro:

SDSU has published a FINAL Draft Update to their 2007 Master Plan EIR. It references Adobe Falls several times in Section AA3.14, between pages 1 to 140. We are anticipating Rachel Gregg, the SDSU Community Relations Manager, to attend the Del Cerro Action Council meeting on Thursday, January 25, 7 p.m. at Temple Emanu-El. Here is the link to the complete document for your reference and referral.
SDSU 2007 Final Master Plan Revision Final EIR

All comments to the EIR are due on or before February 25, 2018. A hard copy is also available at the College/Rolando library located at 6600 Montezuma Road, San Diego 92115.

Thank you,
Jay Wilson, Secretary
Del Cerro Action Council

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Del Cerro Updates

Good morning Del Cerro

1) On Monday, the City Council voted unanimously to approve the ColRich development. The project met all the existing requirements and there were no legal matters that would allow for the project to be denied. Paul Godwin, the city’s Project Manager for the development sent the following information.
The Planning Commission had included a recommendation that a restriction on second story additions be placed on the project. They were OK with the two story residences proposed, they just didn’t want other homes adding a second story later.

Councilmember Sherman removed that restriction so that the proposed two-story homes are allowed and all other units could add a second story if they wish, in conformance with the RS-1-7 zone regulations.

2) The crosswalk system at College Avenue & Del Cerro Boulevard was updated by city staff very early this morning. The video screen that indicates when to stop/walk were replaced, and the system now enables anyone who is deaf or blind to have information delivered to them at the intersection; allowing them to safely cross College Avenue and/or Del Cerro Blvd. Also this morning about 9:45, the traffic signals facing westbound traffic on Del Cerro Blvd. at this intersection were repaired. It was a dangerous situation. For more than 12 hours only the signals facing westbound traffic on Del Cerro Boulevard were blinking red. All other signals were operating properly. Usually when signals are flashing red, it indicates all the signals at the intersection are flashing red. I was at Einstein Bagels this morning for a meeting and called it in (619.527.7500) about 9:30. It was initially reported last night. Fortunately, this time a city traffic signal technician was nearby and was immediately dispatched to fix the problem.

3) Speed indicators on Waring Road between Greenbrier and Princess View. I asked the traffic signal technician if he had any information regarding the two nonfunctioning speed indicators on Waring Road. He responded that the old units (about 15 years old) are being replaced systematically throughout the city. He did not know what the date might be. I am following up with Liz in Councilmember Scott Sherman’s office.
Happy Holidays! Jay Wilson, Secretary DCAC

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ColRich (Marburn) Development Update – To City Council on Monday, December 11

Good morning Del Cerro:

The City Council has docketed the ColRich (Marburn) Development; 24 homes below the Chevron Station for this coming Monday, December 11.

Dan Tomsky is one of the key Del Cerro residents, along with Lance Grucela and Charlene Owen, who have been working diligently on this matter on behalf of all of us. Directly below is a portion of Dan’s email regarding the scheduled City Council action on Monday.

Lance, Dan and I met with Councilmember Sherman and Liz Saidkhanian of his staff several weeks ago. Councilmember Sherman explained that there would have to be an unresolved matter to stop the project.

(Dan’s email:) I just checked on next week’s City Council meetings (agendas) and found Item #209 Marburn Corp. TM – project (the ColRich 24). It’s part of MONDAY – DEC. 11 meeting beginning at 1:00 PM (at City Hall – 202 C Street – the Trolley stops right in front). Below is my scan of the agenda item – that includes adopting 3 resolutions calling for: approving Tentative Map with Easement Vacations, adopting Mitigated Negative Declaration, approving Site Development and Planned Development Permits.

The City Council meeting is held on the 12th floor of the City Administration building at 202 C Street. If you plan to attend and speak on the item, fill our a speaker slip which will be on a table to your right as you enter City Council Chambers. You will most likely be given 2 minutes to address the councilmembers.

Text from the City Council Docket for Monday, December 11 (Item 209)
Marburn Corp TM – Project No. 435483.
Total Estimated Cost of Proposed Action and Funding Source:
None. All costs associated with processing this project are paid through a deposit account funded by the applicant.
Council District(s) Affected: 7.
Proposed Actions:
Easement Vacation, Tentative Map, Site Development Permit, and Planned Development Permit for the subdivision of a vacant parcel containing Environmentally Sensitive Lands into24 residential lots and five homeowners association lots, and the construction of 24 single dwelling units with a private drive accessing internal lots, landscaping, and other site improvements, with deviations. The 5.99-acre site is located at 5551 1/3 College Avenue, north of Interstate 8 and east of College Avenue, in the RS-1-7 zone within the Navajo Community Plan area. Mitigated Negative Declaration No. 435483 has been prepared for the Project in accordance with State of California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Guidelines. A Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program has been prepared and will be implemented which will reduce, to a level of insignificance, all potential impacts identified in the environmental review process.
Subitem-A: (R-20r8-206)
Adopt a Resolution adopting the Mitigated Negative Declaration and adopting the Mitigation, Monitoring and Reporting Program for the Marburn Corp TM Project.
Subitem-B: (R-2018-207)
Adopt a Resolution approving the Site Development Permit and Planned Development Permit for the Marburn Corp TM Project.
Subitem-C: (R-20r8-20s)
Adopt a Resolution approving the Tentative Map with Easement Vacations for the Marburn Corp TM project. All subitems are not subject to the Mayor’s veto.

Committee Actions Taken: N/A
Development Services: Paul Godwin, (619) 446-5190 City Attorney Contact: Shannon M. Thomas

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Del Cerro Action Council Agenda for Thursday, October 26, 7 pm at Temple Emanu-El

Del Cerro Action Council Agenda
October 26, 2017 – 7 pm at Temple Emanu-El
1. Call meeting to Order
2. Pledge of Allegiance
3. Approval of October 26 Agenda
4. City of San Diego Planner – Lisa Lind
5. Community Police Report
• SDPD Community Relations Officer John Steffen
• SDSU Police Community Resource Officer Corporal Mark Peterson
6. DCAC Officers Report
• Vice President Report
• Treasurer Report
7. Elected Officials Report:
• Councilmember Scott Sherman: Liz Saidkhanian, Director of Community Outreach
8. Main Topics:
• Rachel Gregg – SDSU Community Relations Manager – Update from SDSU
• ColRich Development update – set to be heard at City Council on December 12
• Update on proposed Maintenance Assessment District

9. Old Business
10. New Business
11. Next Meeting – Thursday, January 25 – 7 p.m. at Temple Emanu-El
12. Adjourn
Thank you to Temple Emanu-El for their continued community support by hosting DCAC meetings

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Notes from July 27 Del Cerro Action Council Meeting

Notes from the July 27, 2017 Del Cerro Action Council
The meeting was called to order at 7:03
The July agenda was adopted.
San Diego Police Department’s Community Relations Officer John Steffen reported there were 8 property crimes in our area over the last month. Most were vehicle break-ins and vehicles were unlocked and or valuables were left in a visible location. There was one violent crime and four minor citations were issued in the open space park on Pasatiempo at the top of Del Cerro.
The police have been working with the property management firm on the Colrich property below the Chevron Station to remove debris and eliminate any homeless camps. He indicated the property management firm has been very cooperative.
Offer Steffen also stated that the city did not receive the grant for Chaparral Canyon that would have allowed for the removal the non-native vegetation. It will be next spring before they can apply for the grant.
A resident asked about the increase in people knocking on doors and asking if they could use their bathroom or cell phone. Offer Steffen responded that they are merely trying to determine if
By end of the year we will have close to just 1800 officers. There is trouble recruiting. Jobs are plentiful and no need to become a police officer. Most people do not have like to work nights and weekends. We try to hire 200 officers a year. That requires about 5000 applicants. We have 600 retirements in the next 5 years. New captain is at FBI training and the acting captain is Chris Knighten. He will be with us rough Oct. or Nov.
Most communities in California are experiencing high crime rates. We are not. We are good at what we do. We are lucky we have good officers.
We are responsible for 42 square miles and about 145,000 residents.
There will be an open house at SDPD Eastern Division on Sept. 16 11 to 3:00 at 9225 Arrow Drive. It will be kid-friendly.

Elected Officals

Zach Bunshaft reported for Congresswoman Susan Davis. She is on the Arms Service budget committee as well as the education and workforce committee. The phone number for her San Diego office is: 619. 280.5353 and her website is:

Community Updates
Adobe Falls – Dr. Frost
The fence with the grease, etc. is still functioning at the bottom of Adobe Falls Drive. All the fences are in that can be built. People will show up in groups of 15 or 20 to visit the falls. There are 7,132 Instagram pictures. A very large number have already been removed. Social media has changed. SDSU has a new president with Sally Roush. This may be an opportunity to work with SDSU.
The problem of Adobe Falls is not going to leave. What to do with it – recommendation is to send a letter to Dr. Roush. There is a new person in charge of communications and a new Community Relations Manager for SDSU.
SDSU is dealing with the entrance from the SDSU side – middle school and high school students are using it.
SDSU is trying to get Qualcomm for a campus. Maybe with UCSD and other campuses. Maybe Adobe Falls could go to the River Conservancy.
Smash and Grab crimes have moved east. Adobe Falls is just too hard to get to for the homeless to use it as a campsite.
Paint out the graffiti Let’s measure the number of people.

Next meeting – Thursday, October 26 – 7 p.m. at Temple Emanu-El. Website

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Wildland Fire Protection Information

Hello Del Cerro: With the Wildland Fire season upon us, and noting the devastation in communities in Orange County and Northern California, here is information from the City of San Diego’s Fire-Rescue Department for “Ready, Set, Go!.”

No one knows when or where the next major wildfire will occur in our region. But it is a question of when — not if — it will happen. That’s why San Diego Fire-Rescue has partnered with the International Association of Fire Chiefs to create the Ready, Set, Go! Wildland Fire Action Guide. We hope you will read the guide, and follow its advice.” Here is the link to the information.

Stay Safe, and BE PREPARED – there is an extensive amount of canyons adjacent to Del Cerro that have not burned in decades.

Thank you,
DCAC Board of Directors

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Crime update for Princess Del Cerro – Friday evening, October 6

Hello Del Cerro – There was a posting on NextDoor Princess Del Cerro stating there was a police report indicating a robbery with a weapon on Friday evening in the 5800 block of Lance.

I contacted John Steffen, our Police Department Community Relations Officer for all of the Navajo Communities for an update. His response is below for your reference and referral.
Jay Wilson, Secretary, Del Cerro Action Council
Good morning Jay,
It was actually a Robbery and not a Burglary. The victim had just pulled into his driveway when the suspect approached and demanded his money. There was no gun involved. As I get more information I will let you know.
John Steffen
Community Relations Officer
SDPD Eastern Division
(858) 495-7971

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