All Peoples Church NCPI Subcommittee will update the NCPI Board tonight, Wednesday, November 11.

For approximately two years, the All Peoples Church has been a project discussed at our quarterly Del Cerro Action Council (DCAC) meetings and mentioned in the DCAC articles in the Mission Times Courier and on the DCAC website. This Thursday evening, November 5, at 7:00PM is the Navajo Community Planners Subcommittee ZOOM informational meeting regarding the All Peoples Church project in Del Cerro. This ZOOM meeting is open to the public. Copy and paste the link below to participate. Since this is not an action item at this time, no vote will be taken. Here is the link to the project – Copy and past the link below to participate in NCPI ZOOM All Peoples Church Subcommittee meeting this Thursday at 7:00PM.

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Next Wednesday, November 11, at 6:30, the Navajo Community Planners (NCPI) All Peoples Church Subcommittee will report on their Nov. 5th informational meeting. NCPI will meet with a Zoom meeting. This meeting is open to the public. The link for this meeting will be posted on the NCPI website. NCPI is the planning group recognized by the City of San Diego. Since this is a report by the subcommittee, no vote will be taken. The next step will be for All Peoples Church to return to the DCAC, NCPI All Peoples Church Sub Committee and then as an NCPI as an action item.

NCPI is made up of four elected representatives from each of the four communities in the Navajo area – Grantville, Allied Gardens, Del Cerro and San Carlos. The four elected members representing Del Cerro are Jay Wilson, John Hoy, Lance Grucela and Justine Nielsen. They may be contacted through the Contact Us section of the NCPI website

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