Del Cerro Action Council ZOOM Link – meeting Thursday at 7p.m.

Hello Del Cerro: Here is the link ( – Meeting ID: 868 0103 0682) to the The Del Cerro Action Council ZOOM meeting is this Thursday at 7 p.m. There will be an update on the All Peoples Church.

The All Peoples Church will be an Action Item for the Navajo Community Planners Inc. (NCPI) at their ZOOM meeting on Wednesday, November 11 at 6:30 p.m. This is an item many people in Del Cerro are interested in so please forward this information to your Del Cerro neighbors. The NCPI website is

This meeting was postponed one week due to the final presidential debate held last Thursday evening.

Please join us Thursday at 7p.m. The agenda for meeting follows

Del Cerro Action Council Agenda October 29, 2020

On line Meeting – Zoom Meeting  link (

1. Call meeting to Order

2. Pledge of Allegiance

3. Approval of October Agenda

4. Approval of the July DCAC General Meeting Minutes

5. Community Police & SDSU Report
SDPD Community Relations Officer John Steffen
SDSU Police Community Resource Officer Melissa Link
SDSU Director of Government and Community Relations Rachel Gregg

6. DCAC Officers Report
President Report
Vice President Report
Treasurer Report

 7. Elected Officials Report:
Jonathan Clark for Congresswoman Susan Davis
Lisa Scott for Councilmember Scott Sherman

8. Main Topic: Update on All Peoples Church – Marcela Escobar & Kristen Byrne

10. New Business

11. Next Meeting – Thursday, January 28, 2021.

12. Adjourn

Visit DCAC website @

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