Minutes of the Del Cerro Action Council on July 23, 2020

Minutes of the July 23, 2020 Del Cerro Action Council

The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Mark Rawlins at 7:05PM
The agenda for the meeting was unanimously approved as were the minutes from the January 23 meeting.

Chairperson Person’s Report – Mark Rawlins read an update provided by Officer John Steffen, our San Diego Police Community Relations Officer.
Crime Stats in the Del Cerro Area: Time frame is April 1 to July 22nd, 2020.
Violent: 5; 3 Commercial Robberies, 1 Domestic Violence, and 1 Assault With a Deadly Weapon; All events occurred on Adobe Falls Road.
Property: 27; 17 Theft from a Vehicle, 1 Residential Burglary, 9 Motor Vehicle Thefts.
Arrests: 30 Citations: 14

Elected Officials Reports – Lisa Scott, our representative for Councilmember Scott Sherman, reported parking citations are in remaining in a grace period until August 1. Following a recent vote by the City Council, the municipal code will now allow for moveable mini homes to be parked on residential property as soon as certain notifications are met. You can read more on this matter on Councilmember Sherman’s Facebook page.
Doug Livingston asked Lisa where mini homes had to be located on the private property; are they limited to the backyard or are they allowed anywhere on the property. Lisa will have to find the answer and let us know

Main Topic – Update on All Peoples Church

Kristen Byrne & Marcela Escobar provided an update on the status of the project. They have been working the last 6-8 months to receive permission from CalTrans for an easement. There is a sewer manhole under the freeway which must remain accessible. The church would have to build a large retaining wall and a very long road for access to the sewer connection. The church has thought of a better plan to connect to the sewer, which would be more aesthetically pleasing for us and Cal-Trans, albeit more expensive to build. They need CalTrans’ approval for this. They are still working through the CalTrans bureaucracy. The church will resubmit a new set of plans to the City in next 3-4 weeks. The new plans will reflect the sewer easement (not the nicer one) and enhanced landscaping plans per the neighbors’ requests following the March meeting with adjoining neighbors. The Church also presented their plans at a recent Navajo Community Planners’ zoom meeting. The Church is willing to build a screening wall between the parking garage and adjacent homes on Marne Avenue, which can be built only once all the 8 adjacent neighbors unanimously agree to it. There can only be one type of screening wall. It can’t skip certain houses. At the present time, the resubmitted plans will not include this wall as the church has been unable to receive approval for all the neighbors.

The signal light at the median break on College Avenue was approved by city staff. It is to be operational with smart technology. Most of the time it will be free green and activated for turns for Sunday services. It will be for left and right turns in and out of the church property directly to College Avenue. The church will help beautify the College Avenue median south of Del Cerro Blvd. There are 44 dead trees and empty planters which are unsightly on the College Avenue median: The Church will work with the Friends of Del Cerro for this median project.

The Church’s capital campaign ends soon. If they don’t receive a response from CalTrans, they will have to move forward with the existing plans.

Timing wise, they expect that the plans will go before the city’s planning commission and city council by the end of the year (members of the public will be able to comment on the project at each of these meetings). If approved, construction documents will be submitted. There is probably still a year to year and a half before they break ground. CalTrans really slowed down progress.

Old Business – Chairperson Mark Rawlins reported that the Del Cerro Action Council, along with the Allied Gardens Community Council and the San Carlos Area Council are hosting candidate forums for the District 7 and Mayoral races. Most likely the forums will be via Zoom (the password for
Candidate Forums will be embedded in the link)

The District 7 Candidates Forum for Raul Campillo and Noli Zosa will on be Wednesday, August 19, a 7 PM via zoom. Residents of Grantville, Allied Gardens, Del Cerro and San Carlos are asked to send questions for the forum to district7candidates@gmail.com. Only questions submitted in advance will be asked. The Mayoral Forum with Todd Gloria and Barbara Bry will be on Wednesday, September 23, 7 PM. At this time the mayoral candidate forum will also be a zoom meeting.

New Business – For future zoom meetings, the password will be embedded in the link.

The City replaced 3 benches at Princess Del Cerro park instead of adding 3. They look nice and we might not need more benches.

Next meeting -The next Del Cerro Action Council meeting will be Thursday, October 22nd – 7 p.m. (Currently scheduled for Zoom)

Adjourn – The meeting was adjourned at 7:42PM.

Visit DCAC website @ delcerroactioncouncil.org

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