Minutes of the Del Cerro Action Council meeting of July 25, 2019

Minutes of the July 25th, Del Cerro Action Council Quarterly meeting

The July 25th meeting of the Del Cerro Action Council (DCAC) was called to order at 7:05 by DCAC president Mark Rawlins.
Police Update – San Diego Police Department Community Relations Officer John Steffen reported there had been 2 violent crimes by the hotel/motel on Adobe Falls Road and 1 property crime in our area in over the past month. There were also 3 vehicle thefts, 1 car break-in and 1 home burglary. He also reported on the home invasion/homicide on Lake Shore that occurred the previous week.
San Diego State University Police Corporal Peterson reported orientation is on-going for incoming freshman and will continue orientation until school begins on August 28th.
SDSU Update – Corporal Peterson also reported on SDSU property at Adobe Falls. There were only 3 reported trespasses and in the same two month time period in 2018, there were 29. SDSU police conducted 23 pro active patrols in the area of Adobe Falls in the past two months.
Rachael Gregg, the Director of Government and Community Relations for SDSU, reported there will be an update on SDSU West this Saturday from 9-11 and the public is invited. She also stated SDSU has been conducting public workshops regarding the river park on the SDSU West property.

President’s Report – Mark Rawlins Presidents spoke on the status of the proposed Del Cerro Maintenance Assessment District. The City has turned the switch back on to move forward. There are several communities slotted to go before us. The Friends of Del Cerro, the group proposing the MAD will need a petition gathering effort which will require 30% of the property owners to sign. When the City approves the petition, this will allow for a vote by all the property owners to vote for or against the formation of a MAD for Del Cerro. The petition gathering effort is to begin on or before September 30.

Elected Officials Reports
Congresswoman Susan Davis – Ashley Campbell, the Senior Community Representative/District Scheduler for the congresswoman introduced herself and urged anyone with a federal concern to contact her at 619.280.5353 or email her at ASHLEY.CAMPBELL@MAIL.HOUSE.GOV

Councilmember Scott Sherman – Roarke Shanley, the Council Rep for Del Cerro invited everyone to attend a meeting at the Allied Gardens Benjamin Library on July 30, from 5-7 pm to learn more about the smart street light programs. It will be tracking pedestrian and automobile traffic. There will be a presentation on how privacy is being protected.
Roarke stated Councilmember Sherman supported the added flexibility for the mixed use community code update. This is an effort to get rid of those empty stores The newsletter is out for more details on the smart lights.
Roarke was asked about the increased traffic in the area with the proposed redevelopment of additional housing in Grantville and SDSU West. There was also concern from those attending the DCAC meeting about the ½ from a transit stop and that there are very limited requirements for parking.
He was also asked about Adobe Falls and can it be developed in one form or another in conjunctions with SDSU West. He responded that President de la Torre has stated it does not make sense to turn this area in to something that will draw people. That would change the neighborhood.
Roarke was also asked to check on the status of the open space at end of Duane on the top of Del Cerro.

Program – Roberto Garcia, with the 2020 US Census gave a report on the upcoming census. He emphasized the importance of everyone responding because in how districts for elected officials are determined and how much state and federal money is received. He stated “We need to know who is here.” You will be able to go online to complete your census form and only 1% of the population will receive a personal visit from a census worker. Through the Internet, or phone, paper form or in person, everyone will be contacted. The census will handle in 12 languages. We will be partnering with libraries and other sites with kiosks to complete the census on-lline via on-line. April 1 will be the official kick-off. We want to count 50% by April 1 P 2020 of responses. It is our civic duty.”
Paper version will be in English and Spanish only. In a census track where 20% or more speaks Spanish, the census will be available in Spanish. If more people from other ethnicities respond, it may be in in different languages in the future. Legally, the contents of a census cannot be accessed for 73 years. Your information is protected for 73 years. There are very severe penalties for any information leaks.
2020 Census Jobs. The movement is the biggest mobilization in the time of peace. The 2020 Census will be hiring and will have 3 offices in San Diego County. Most of the work will be from home. Enumerators will be paid $25 per hour. We are looking for individuals at all levels. Pay is $20 to $27.50 per hour. You must be 18 or over and have a valid email address.
Timeline – Census offices open on Sept. 1st. They are hiring right now. They work with United Way and 150 nonprofit organizations speaking to people one to one. 15 of 18 cities in SD County will be helping us support the Census count. California needs to receive its fair share of state and federal funds. If the census count California is less than the actual population, dollars often go to other states. Let’s keep as much as we can.
After the census 2020 census staff would like make this presentation to all groups.
Any person can request their own census profile. Roberto.Garccia@2020census.gov
There are only 10 questions. Name, age, ethnicity, own or rent home. There is a long form. American Community Survey (ACS)
Jobs are temporary from 4 months to 2 years and can be part or full time.

Next Meeting – The next DCAC meeting will be October 24, 7 p.m. at Temple Emanu-El. The All Peoples Church is scheduled to provide an update on their project as it works through the city planning department. They also plan to hold a community update meeting after they receive the second Cycles Report from the City. The website for the All Peoples Church is https://allpeopleschurch.org/


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