Minutes of the July 26, 2018 Del Cerro Action Council Meeting

Del Cerro Action Council Minutes – July 26, 2018

The July Del Cerro Action Council meeting was held on July 26th. and called to order by Vice Chair Anita Colmie. The minutes of the April meeting were approved and are posted on the DCAC website.
Police Reports
Corporal Peterson from the SDSU Police Department reported that officers from the department have been routinely policing the Adobe Falls area throughout the summer. The fall semester begins on August 27 and the primary move in dates for students are August 23 and 24. As usual, there will be a lot more traffic, particularly from east bound I-8 on to southbound College Avenue as the semester begins and students find their way. To email Officer Peterson, his email address is mpererso@mail.sdsu.edu.
SDPD Community Relations Office John Steffen reported there had been very few crimes in the recent weeks and he encouraged everyone to keep their doors and windows locked even during the summer months. Don’t give a criminal an opportunity! To contact Officer Steffen, email him at JMSteffen@pd.sandiego.gov
Elected Officials Reports
Jonathan Clark form Congresswoman Susan Davis reported that the Congresswoman Davis has been working diligently on the AIM Higher Act program which is to determine how we make college affordable; make it affordable for as many students as possible with better repayment plans. She has also been working on a bill to provide funding for apprenticeships throughout the nation.
Congresswoman Davis scheduled two community events; Saturday, July 27 will be a panel discussion at SDSU regarding US/Russian relations. (It was also live streamed) On August 4th there would be a Town Hall meeting at Southwestern College. The website for Congresswoman Davis is susandavis.house.gov.
Liz Saidkhanian, Manager of Community Outreach for Councilmember Scott Sherman, reported that in an effort to minimize the homeless situation along the San Diego River, crews have removed 260,000 pounds of debris. This included 474 tires, 4,109 mattresses and box springs, 1,539 shopping carts and 198 appliances.
In the past, the City no longer has to give homeless individuals a 72-hour official notice to vacate public property due to the opening of the new homeless storage facility. “With the new storage facility, we only have to give a 3-hour notice since there is now a place for individuals to store their belongings. So far,150 people have taken advantage of the program.” To contact Liz, email her at ESaidkhanian@sandiego.gov.
Community Updates
All Peoples Church
Marcella Escobar-Eck, a Principal with The Atlantis Group, the land use planning firm hired by All Peoples Church stated that the Navajo Community Planners recommended approval of the request by the All Peoples Church to initiate a plan amendment to the Navajo Community Plan (NCP). This allows the church to proceed with an application to amend the NCP. This is not approving the project, but allows the church to work on a plan to submit to the city. There will also be a community outreach in the neighborhood.
Dr. Eric Frost, a resident of Del Cerro asked that the church look at the lack of lighting along the sidewalk from I-8 to Del Cerro Blvd. It needs to be improved and he is asking this because it is not safe at night for students walking home into Del Cerro.”
Pastor Robert Herber and Marcela were asked about residential units, and the answer was no residential units are being built on the property and there will be no daycare or a school. The main activity is Sunday with much smaller meetings during the week.
Marcela mentioned that in a preliminary hearing, the Planning Commissioners commented that the church needs to be conscious of the traffic.“
It was also suggested that the church have one of their Del Cerro members check Next Door for comments on both sides of the issue.
Rachel Gregg, the Government and Community Relations Manager for SDSU stated that the university is working with the San Diego River Conservancy (SDRC) regarding Adobe Falls to gain access to the property for restoration of the property following the fire. The SDRC is evaluating what can be done.
CALTrans recently installed the long-awaited gate on the SDSU side of the storm drain tunnel that runs under I-8 with direct access to Adobe Falls.
Dr. Adela de la Torre has been invited to meet the residents of Del Cerro at the October DCAC meeting. (To accommodate Dr. de la Torre’s schedule, the meeting will be on Monday Oct. 22.) She is very interested in having access to the community. She has not been briefed on Adobe Falls and she wants to know more about our community.
Rachel mentioned Dr. Frost and SDSU staff are working on solutions to Adobe Falls after the fire. Rachel also invited anyone to come for a tour of SDSU. Her email address is
Rachel invited anyone to come for a tour. Email her at rgregg@sdsu.edu.
Dr. Frost commented, “we are looking at the possible solutions for any upcoming rains, (El Nino possibility is building). The Adobe Falls fire burned a number of homeless encampments. One simple thing being done, is to try and break up the crust of the ground to help the water seep into the ground instead of rolling off into the Adobe Falls creek. Dr. Frost pointed out that in 1960 when the I-8 freeway was built, that is what changed the path of the Adobe Falls Creek. Virtually all of the area in the Adobe Falls Canyon is compacted from the freeway construction.
Rachel commented that Del Cerro has a real asset as does SDSU in Dr. Frost. Rachel welcomed input from the community regarding Adobe Falls.
Community Business
The DCAC was asked to again look into the possibility:
1) Reinstalling the No U Turn sign in the median at Del Cerro Blvd. and Marne
2) Can the red curb by the mail box be painted white to legally allow a car to stop by the mailbox to mail a letter.
3) Can the property owners of the Windmill Shopping Center designate a pathway for pedestrians walking up from Del Cerro Blvd. and/or Madra Ave. into the shopping center. This will definitely improve safety for everyone walking to the Windmill Shopping Center.
4) David Ege, Manager of the San Carlos Library encouraged everyone to check our website at https://www.sandiego.gov/public-library/locations/san-carlos-library . David also reported that the County received a report in April from the environmental testing agency hired to test the soil for the new library site, that the area for the new library is clean. We are waiting for the County to adopt the report so we can finally move forward.
Next Meeting – Monday, October 22, 7 pm at Temple Emanu-El
The meeting was adjourned at 8:23 pm.

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