Del Cerro Action Council Agenda – July 26, 2018 & Minutes of April 26, 2018

Del Cerro Action Council Agenda July 26, 2018 – 7 p.m. at Temple Emanu-El

1. Call meeting to Order
2. Pledge of Allegiance
3. Approval of April 26th Agenda
4. Approval of the April 26th DCAC General Meeting Minutes
(posted at
5. Community Police Report
• SDPD Community Relations Officer John Steffen
• SDSU Police Community Resource Officer Mark Peterson
6. DCAC Officers Report
• President Report –
• Vice President Report
• Treasurer Report
7. Elected & Appointed Officials Report:
• Councilmember Scott Sherman: Liz Saidkhanian, Council Representative for Del Cerro
• Congresswoman Susan Davis: Community Representative Jonathan Clark
8. Main Topics:
• Update on the All Peoples Church & Marcela Escobar-Eck & Kristen Byrne- Principals with the Atlantis Group and
Pastor Robert Herber
• Rachel Gregg, Community Relations Manager for SDSU
Restoration of SDSU property that was burned in the Adobe Falls fire
Installation of the storm drain gate on the SDSU side
Invitation to new SDSU president to update the DCAC
9. Public Comment – Members of the public may speak for 2 minutes on an item not on the April 26 DCAC Agenda
10. Old Business
11. New Business
12. Next Meeting – October meeting date may be changed to accommodate the schedule of an SDSU update by the new president of SDSU
13. Adjourn

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Del Cerro Action Council Minutes from the April 26th meeting
The April 26th meeting of the Del Cerro Action Council (DCAC) was called to order by Vice Chair Anita Colmie at 7:05 at Temple Emanu-El.

The minutes of the January 25th meeting were approved unanimously as was the agenda for the April 26th meeting.
City of San Diego and SDSU Police Reports:
City of San Diego Community Police Officer John Steffen gave a report and stated there were no violent crimes over the past month. There were 9 property crimes and 7 were vehicle break-ins. Again the majority of the vehicle break-ins were the result of valuables left in plain sight. He reminded everyone to double check that no valuables are left in plain sight and to remove your garage door opener if the car is not left in your garage. Officer Steffen also announced that Saturday, April 28 is Nation Prescription Drug Take-Back day. You may drop off left-over drugs at the Eastern Division Police Station between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. – the station is at 9225 Aero Drive. His last item was regarding homeless concerns. He recommended to report homeless concerns to use the city’s Get It Done app. It is free to download and there is an Apple and Android version.
Corporal Mark Peterson, the SDSU Police Community Resource Officer informed us that graduation for SDSU will be May 11, 12 & 13. This will generate a high volume of traffic for eastbound traffic exiting on College Avenue during those three days. SDSU has hired Charles Kay as the new police chief for SDSU. He was formerly with the City of San Diego Police Department. Over the past 3 months there have been 92 incidents at Adobe Falls. 42 of the 92 were pro-active responses SDSU police officer.
DCAC Officers Reports: Mark Rawlins, the Chair of DCAC was out of the country. There were no reports from the Vice Chair or Treasurer.
Elected & Appointed Officials Report:

Liz Saidkhanian, our Council Representative for Councilmember Scott Sherman was not able to attend. She provided an update on the Rancho Mission Park Playground. The construction bids were opened this month. The contract should be awarded in July or August. Construction is scheduled to begin in the fall of 2018 and should be completed in the fall of 2019.

Jonathan Clark is the Community Representative for Congresswoman Susan Davis: He reported Congresswoman Davis has been working on new FAA regulations regarding drones; particularly making it a crime for an unauthorized drone to fly into areas such as wildland fires as this has grounded water drop airplanes. She is also working with the Navy to have them look into the sewage spill concerns with the Tijuana River as the Navy is planning on a new one-billion dollar expansion of the Navy Seal facility on the Silver Strand. The concern is the sewage run-off into the ocean may be detrimental to Navy Seal exercises. On Saturday, April 21, the Congresswoman participated in a public forum on North Korea which was held at SDSU.

Rachel Gregg, Community Relations Manager for SDSU announced that SDSU has hired a new president – Adela de la Torre. She will assume her duties on June 28. Rachael also announced that the Chancellor of the California State University System has announced there will be no tuition increases for the 2018/2019 school year. The SDSU Master Plan Update is scheduled to go to the trustees for approval in the next several months. Rachael again offered to give a tour of SDSU to anyone. You may reach her a

ColRich Housing Project now All Peoples Church:
Executive Pastor Kendall Laughlin from the All Peoples Church and Marcela Escober-Eck, a Principal with the Atlantis Group land planning firm gave an update on the new plan for the former ColRich housing development south of the Chevron Service Station. ColRich elected to sell the property rather than move forward with the housing project, even though it was fully approved by the City of San Diego.

The church and the Atlantis Group are working with the city to determine the best course of action in how to move forward with a new land designation. They hope to go to Navajo Community Planners, Inc. within a month or two and they will keep us updated as well as they move forward.

Marcela stated they are all aware of the traffic concerns and they are going to diligently work with the city to see if there is any alternative to an ingress/egress off of College Avenue. She further stated that there will not be any daycare or school type activities at the church. It will primarily be Sunday services. She also emphasized the church will be aesthetically pleasing with respect to the single family homes adjacent to their property.
Pastor Laughlin reiterated that Sunday will be the primary day. The congregation, including children is about 1,100. They currently hold 3 services on Sunday morning. The initial plan is to have a church that would hold up to 500 people. Pastor Robert Herber, who leads the congregation also introduced himself and emphasized they want to be very good neighbors and a positive member of the community.

Montgomery-Gibbs Airport Master Plan Update
The City of San Diego is currently engaged in a master plan update for the airport. In addition to upgrades of the physical plant; expanded hanger space, increased tie-downs and the tower, additional landing space is being proposed for the main runway. The runway is not being lengthened, but the point of where planes may touch down is to be lengthened by up to 1,176 feet. This will certainly generate more air traffic.

Montgomery-Gibbs Airport Expansion Update
Joe Regan, a Del Cerro resident and former military and commercial pilot has been following the plan as it moves forward and has attended several of the community input meetings. He gave a presentation on the proposed expansion.
Currently, the proposed changes to the approach to Runway 28 (the one used to land from the east and which puts the planes directly over Lake Murray, Del Cerro and Allied Gardens) would be lowered by 60 feet. Joe’s proposal for any aircraft heavier larger than a King Air 200. A classic airplane. Any plane larger than that and all turbine (jet) aircraft 28R is not grooved (it could easily be done and this basically makes landings safer as it allows water to dissipate water to eliminate hydroplaning.
Heavy airplanes of any kind, including jests, must be established on the LIS (Instrument Landing System) Localizer and guide slope at point PENNY where a plane begins is glide slope) from which they are allowed to execute the visual landing and approach as cleared. There can be no training flights doing practice approaches to this airport.
Joe concluded by stating we need airplane noise monitors in Del Cerro. Information will be posted on the DCAC website as it becomes available.

Other Business
Water Bills – There is an update on the DCAC website from Brent Eidson, the Deputy Director of External Affairs for the City of San Diego’s Public Utilities Department regarding the increased water bills and what is being done by the city and what residents can do.

At the request of residents, the DCAC is requesting the city evaluate the intersection of Del Cerro Blvd. and Marne for posting a NO U-Turn sign for east bound traffic on Del Cerro Blvd. at this intersection.

The DCAC will also contact the property manager for the Windmill Farms Shopping Center to provide a safer pathway for walking customers using the driveway entrance from Del Cerro Blvd. at Marne.
The next meeting of the DCAC will be on Thursday, July 26, 7PM at Temple Emanu-El.

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