Update on the Proposed Maintenance Assessment District for Del Cerro

Good afternoon all:

Mark Rawlins, who has been keeping us updated on the status of the proposed Maintenance Assessment District just sent out the following information for everyone’s reference and referral. Everything is on hold – city-wide.
(an update from Mark Rawlins)
Del Cerro Neighbors,
It has been a while since I have provided an update. The good news is we have made progress, but the bad news is the process is currently on hold. The City completed the Engineers report and we were expecting to have our final meeting with the City on January 12th. The goal for the meeting was to review the Engineer’s report, make any last minute edits and then get the petition approved so we could begin the signature drive. However, the ruling on the lawsuit over the newly established La Jolla MAD came back against the City. Apparently the City did not show enough distinction between general benefits (the services the City is currently providing) and the special benefits (The services the property owners would pay for from the assessments.)
With that being said, the City’s plan for now is to hold formations moving forward (Del Cerro is one of them) until the City has a ruling on a potential re-trial for the La Jolla lawsuit. Unfortunately we won’t know if the City will be granted a re-trial until early March. So for now we are standing by. I will keep you posted. Once this is resolved, we will be back on track.
Below are the links of two articles from the San Diego Union Tribune on the law suit.

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