Minutes from the October 26, 2017 DCAC meeting

Minutes from the DCAC meeting on October 26, 2017

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m.

Lisa Lind, the City’s Senior Planner for the Navajo Community, presented a proposed plan for solving the flooding of the Alvarado Creek/Storm Drain. She indicated this is a great project for State and Federal Grants. The complete report is on the city website.

Police Officer John Steffen, our Community Relations Officer from Eastern Division and Police Lt. Jordan reported on crime and related police matters for our area. In the past month, there were 3 violent crimes and 9 property crimes (6 of the 9 were the result of unlocked windows/doors). There were 2 moving citations and 5 arrests. The crimes included one robbery in a driveway in Princess Del Cerro where a stun gun was used, and there was a drug bust at Chevron Station. The police just happened to be on site at the Chevron Station when the drug bust went down.
There have been some drug deals in the park on Del Cerro Blvd. They have been reported – they appear to be routinely between 10:00 and 3:00 during the day.
Permanent speed indicators are installed on Del Cerro Blvd. by Hearst, and on College Ave between Del Cerro Blvd and the Fire Station to remind drivers to slow down.
Officer Steffen is rotating the portable speed indicator throughout the Navajo Area.
Police Lt. Jordan commented on the upgrades on-going for the police dispatchers. The dispatching system was written in Cobal. The new system launched last week after 26 years.
Big news about the pay raise for all the police officers. It is a 30 percent increase over 4 years. He stated the police department needs 5,000 applicants to accept 4 candidates and we usually use one of those.
Chief Zimmerman is retiring in March. Six community groups were formed to help recruit a new chief. A professional firm has been hired looking for candidates. The Mayor’s office believes there should be a secret group to make a recommendation and others believe the panel should be transparent. There are internal candidates, and they are looking nationally as well.
The City of San Diego has been noted as one of America’s Safest City – even with the low number of officers.
SDSU Police Corporal Peterson noted SDSU is also understaffed and with new hires, they are reaching the appropriate staffing level.
There were 74 incidents since July 1 at Adobe Falls. Only 13 calls were received regarding Adobe Falls compared to nearly 70 last year.

Presidents’ Report – Mark commented on Jay Wilson Day at the city in September.
No Vice Presidents’ report
Treasurer Report – there remains about $15,000 in the account.

Rachel Gregg – SDSU Community Relations Manager – Update on the grate which will be on the south side of I-8 is being manufactured at the moment. This is a state project. Hopefully it will be installed in November. We are working with the San Diego River Park Conservancy to remove the non-native vegetation in Adobe Falls. She reported that on Nov. 9th at 3:30 pm, there will be a program to celebrate the 120th anniversary of SDSU at Jane Goodall Hall – Hidden Treasurers on SDSU.

Maintenance Assessment District (MAD). Mark Rawlins gave an update on the process. We are waiting for information from the City of San Diego. Jackie O’Connor is the chair of Friends of Del Cerro. She has experience with MAD’s and in particular the one on El Cajon Blvd. The petition that comes out will tell you exactly what it will cost each property owner. Although it has taken a very long time, the draft management report should be done shortly and in November the Engineer’s report should be completed. Mark is projecting the cost to be between $120 and $140 a year. The petition should be available shortly after that. We are working with the City Attorney’s Office to have an on-line signature. The city has expanded some of the areas so that all of Del Cerro will have a benefit. Every street area will be maintained.
The MAD allows us to manage the funds. All the funds stay with us in addition to funds already allocated to Del Cerro. We will have a city representative at each of the meetings of the MAD. Friends of Del Cerro is a nonprofit. They are able to receive grants as a nonprofit. This will give us matching funds when applying for grants. Over the past 10 years, our community has turned over about 38%. There are a lot of new faces in our community. More to follow. For more information, the website is FriendsofDelCerro.com .
The goal is to have 30% of the property owners positively respond (that is about 850 signatures), and then there can be an election. That is about 850 signatures. It is 50+1 of returned ballots to pass the MAD.
1) Local control
2) A beautification of our community
3) Safety – sense of broken window theory
4) It is an enhancement of our property

Any property owner within the boundary will be given one vote. Exception is the commercial area. Patrick Henry and Hearst can vote – City would have to pay into the MAD as well because of the property they own within the Del Cerro MAD boundaries.
When we started about 10 years ago there were 37 MAD’s, and today there are 65. The city policy is to maintain medians as if they were just asphalt.

David Ege, the Branch Manager of the San Carlos Library, gave an update of the upcoming program at the library.

Under new business, it was mentioned that with the repaving of the Windmill Farms parking lot, there is no specific access for pedestrians up any of the driveways and many people walk to the shopping center.

The next DCAC meeting is scheduled for January 25, 2018 – 7 p.m. at Temple Emanu-El.


Respectfully submitted,
Jay Wilson, DCAC Secretary

Minutes from October 26 2017

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