Del Cerro Updates

Good morning Del Cerro

1) On Monday, the City Council voted unanimously to approve the ColRich development. The project met all the existing requirements and there were no legal matters that would allow for the project to be denied. Paul Godwin, the city’s Project Manager for the development sent the following information.
The Planning Commission had included a recommendation that a restriction on second story additions be placed on the project. They were OK with the two story residences proposed, they just didn’t want other homes adding a second story later.

Councilmember Sherman removed that restriction so that the proposed two-story homes are allowed and all other units could add a second story if they wish, in conformance with the RS-1-7 zone regulations.

2) The crosswalk system at College Avenue & Del Cerro Boulevard was updated by city staff very early this morning. The video screen that indicates when to stop/walk were replaced, and the system now enables anyone who is deaf or blind to have information delivered to them at the intersection; allowing them to safely cross College Avenue and/or Del Cerro Blvd. Also this morning about 9:45, the traffic signals facing westbound traffic on Del Cerro Blvd. at this intersection were repaired. It was a dangerous situation. For more than 12 hours only the signals facing westbound traffic on Del Cerro Boulevard were blinking red. All other signals were operating properly. Usually when signals are flashing red, it indicates all the signals at the intersection are flashing red. I was at Einstein Bagels this morning for a meeting and called it in (619.527.7500) about 9:30. It was initially reported last night. Fortunately, this time a city traffic signal technician was nearby and was immediately dispatched to fix the problem.

3) Speed indicators on Waring Road between Greenbrier and Princess View. I asked the traffic signal technician if he had any information regarding the two nonfunctioning speed indicators on Waring Road. He responded that the old units (about 15 years old) are being replaced systematically throughout the city. He did not know what the date might be. I am following up with Liz in Councilmember Scott Sherman’s office.
Happy Holidays! Jay Wilson, Secretary DCAC

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