ColRich (Marburn) Development Update – To City Council on Monday, December 11

Good morning Del Cerro:

The City Council has docketed the ColRich (Marburn) Development; 24 homes below the Chevron Station for this coming Monday, December 11.

Dan Tomsky is one of the key Del Cerro residents, along with Lance Grucela and Charlene Owen, who have been working diligently on this matter on behalf of all of us. Directly below is a portion of Dan’s email regarding the scheduled City Council action on Monday.

Lance, Dan and I met with Councilmember Sherman and Liz Saidkhanian of his staff several weeks ago. Councilmember Sherman explained that there would have to be an unresolved matter to stop the project.

(Dan’s email:) I just checked on next week’s City Council meetings (agendas) and found Item #209 Marburn Corp. TM – project (the ColRich 24). It’s part of MONDAY – DEC. 11 meeting beginning at 1:00 PM (at City Hall – 202 C Street – the Trolley stops right in front). Below is my scan of the agenda item – that includes adopting 3 resolutions calling for: approving Tentative Map with Easement Vacations, adopting Mitigated Negative Declaration, approving Site Development and Planned Development Permits.

The City Council meeting is held on the 12th floor of the City Administration building at 202 C Street. If you plan to attend and speak on the item, fill our a speaker slip which will be on a table to your right as you enter City Council Chambers. You will most likely be given 2 minutes to address the councilmembers.

Text from the City Council Docket for Monday, December 11 (Item 209)
Marburn Corp TM – Project No. 435483.
Total Estimated Cost of Proposed Action and Funding Source:
None. All costs associated with processing this project are paid through a deposit account funded by the applicant.
Council District(s) Affected: 7.
Proposed Actions:
Easement Vacation, Tentative Map, Site Development Permit, and Planned Development Permit for the subdivision of a vacant parcel containing Environmentally Sensitive Lands into24 residential lots and five homeowners association lots, and the construction of 24 single dwelling units with a private drive accessing internal lots, landscaping, and other site improvements, with deviations. The 5.99-acre site is located at 5551 1/3 College Avenue, north of Interstate 8 and east of College Avenue, in the RS-1-7 zone within the Navajo Community Plan area. Mitigated Negative Declaration No. 435483 has been prepared for the Project in accordance with State of California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Guidelines. A Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program has been prepared and will be implemented which will reduce, to a level of insignificance, all potential impacts identified in the environmental review process.
Subitem-A: (R-20r8-206)
Adopt a Resolution adopting the Mitigated Negative Declaration and adopting the Mitigation, Monitoring and Reporting Program for the Marburn Corp TM Project.
Subitem-B: (R-2018-207)
Adopt a Resolution approving the Site Development Permit and Planned Development Permit for the Marburn Corp TM Project.
Subitem-C: (R-20r8-20s)
Adopt a Resolution approving the Tentative Map with Easement Vacations for the Marburn Corp TM project. All subitems are not subject to the Mayor’s veto.

Committee Actions Taken: N/A
Development Services: Paul Godwin, (619) 446-5190 City Attorney Contact: Shannon M. Thomas

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