Navajo Community Planners, Inc has an open seat for a Del Cerro resident on their Board

Good morning all: NAVAJO COMMUNITY PLANNERS, INC. will be holding a Special Election Of the Board of Directors for the election of a representative from Del Cerro

Applications are being accepted for persons interested in running for the WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 11, 2017 ELECTION

Navajo Community Planners, Inc. Is The Duly Authorized Planning Group That Reviews And Provides Recommendations On Land Use Issues To The San Diego City Council.

Any Resident, Business Owner and Property Owner in the Community of Del Cerro

NOTE: In order to be a candidate in the October election, an eligible member of the Del Cerro community must have documented attendance at two (2) meetings of the NCPI’s last 10 meetings prior to the October regular meeting.(Bylaws Requirement)

Find applications at:


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2 Responses to Navajo Community Planners, Inc has an open seat for a Del Cerro resident on their Board

  1. Kevin Ryan says:

    I wonder if you or Jay Wilson could tell me more about the four citations issued in the open space park on Pasatiempo at the top of Del Cerro as reported by Community relations officer John Steffen? Specifically, infractions cited, case numbers, Steffen’s contact info.
    I’m a patron of the park and I don’t like seeing the damage being done to it.
    Thanks you in advance and for your concern and reporting on this.
    Kevin Ryan (619) 916-8864

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