NCPI – Recap – ColRich proposal receives a “NO” vote of 6 to 4 by the NCPI Board

Here are some notes from the May 10th NCPI Meeting

Following a discussion on the proposed project, the NCPI Board voted 6 to 4 to deny the project. This is an advisory vote and the project will now move to the Planning Commission. There is no date for the item to be on the Planning Commission docket.

The Board unanimously passed a motion in support of having the Soccer City stadium/housing/commercial project be subject to a vote of the citizens and not decided by the City County.

Police Community Relations Office John Steffen reported a drop in crime in the Navajo Community.
Past month there were 2 violent crimes compared to 7 two months ago
Past month there were 62 property crimes compared to 85 two months ago

Dave Ege, the Manager of the San Carlos Library reported the library will be closed from June 12 through the 23rd for an upgrade to the collection – chips will be placed in each book for easy check out.

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