ColRich Property Update (College Ave. south of the Chevron Station)

Good afternoon Del Cerro:

I have been in contact with the ColRich Company, as has Liz Saidkhanian from Councilmember Sherman’s Office as well as Police Community Relations Officer John Steffen. Yana Ridge, is the property manager with the firm hired by ColRich to follow through with the on-going problems with the property – trash and homeless. She followed up with me, and sent me the following email.
The work on the property was completed. The trees/shrubs were trimmed so that they do not allow coverage for any camps. No trespassing signs were posted around the property. All the trash and homeless belongings were removed. Please let the neighbors know, and contact me if you have any questions, or if any future issues arise.

If there are any old/new concerns, please email me at and I will forward the matter to Yana Ridge.
Jay Wilson, DCAC

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