Notes from the DCAC meeting on October 27, 2016

Del Cerro Action Council – Notes from the DCAC meeting held on October 27, 2016
(the actual minutes were not recoverable from a corrupted file – Jay Wilson, Secretary- DCAC)

At the quarterly meeting of the Del Cerro Action Council meeting on October 27, we received updates from a number of agencies: City of San Diego, SDSU and SDG&E.

We met Lt. Jeff Jordan with our San Diego Police Department’s Eastern Division, who is now responsible for the Navajo Area. He expressed his keen interest in being engaged with the community. His email address is Our Police Community Relations Officer, John Steffen, announced that there had been several car prowls in our area and that there were valuables left in plain sight and/or unlocked car doors. Officer Steffen emphasized that using to report a police matter does not help the police department; it is a community forum and is not viewable by the police. He recommended that we report police concerns to the police department directly. For an emergency, call 911. For a non-emergency, call 619.531.2000. CRO Steffen’s email address is, and his phone number is 858.495.7971.

SDSU Police Officer Corporal Mark Peterson encouraged residents interested in receiving a text message or email whenever there is a safety concern on campus to sign up. Go to, click on the word search in the upper right-hand corner of the SDSU home page, and type in e-news alert. Nicole Borunda, the Community Relations Manager for SDSU, stated there is still a gap in the initial fenced-off area leading to Adobe Falls. It should be completed by Thanksgiving.

Liz Saidkhanian, the Community Outreach Director for Councilmember Scott Sherman was asked about the gap that still remains at the bottom of the cul-du-sac on Adobe Falls Road. She indicated Councilmember Sherman is waiting for a response from the City Attorney. The problem is that the city owns 4 acres adjacent to the cul-du-sac, and that the city’s property is dedicated open space, which requires access to the public. The challenge is to find a legal way to close off the entrance to the city property that connects directly to the SDSU property and Adobe Falls.

Cameron Durckel, with SDG&E’s Public Affairs Deparment, explained why the gas line along Mission George Road needed to be replaced. The main reason is that it was initially installed in 1948. “The median restoration is underway and we are required to return it to what it was.” There are some components on Malvern that will be restored in the next month. Liz Saidkhanian explained that the job involves replacing 600 feet of a main pipe line that is 30 feet below the surface. Normally a project of this magnitude takes two years of planning and execution; this project is projected to be completed by the end of the year. If you need to reach Liz regarding a city-related issue, email her at

Julio DeGuzman, with the City Attorney’s office, gave a brief description of the city attorney’s office. In addition to defending the city, the office handles criminal misdemeanor crimes and infractions.

Tim Taylor, the Chief Policy Advisor for Council President Pro-Tem Marti Emerald, gave an overview of the city ordinances being proposed to help curtail the growth of mini-dorms. The proposed legislation impacts the College Area; but it could be expanded to other areas, including Del Cerro, if our community would support the ordinance–no more than 6 bedrooms for a lot over 10,000 square feet and no more than 5 bedrooms for a lot under 10,000 square feet. This would apply to new construction. See the city’s website [] for more details and information.

Professor Eric Frost, PhD from SDSU, and a resident of Del Cerro, updated us on what the 64 graduate students in his homeland security class are doing to help resolve the issue. Adobe Falls is becoming a destination for a growing number of foreign visitors. Dr. Frost is working with Google Maps to have Adobe Falls removed as a point of interest as one step to help reduce the number of non-residents visiting the site; many apparently think of it as a tourist attraction and they want to see the graffiti-infested area as a work of art.

Stay tuned. As we receive updates on any of the subjects referenced in this article they will be posted on our website at

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