Del Cerro Action Council Agenda for Thursday, October 27, 7 PM – Temple Emanu-El

1. Call meeting to Order

2. Pledge of Allegiance

3. Approval of October Agenda

4. Approval of the July DCAC General Meeting Minutes – Link to Minutes

5. Community Police Report
• SDPD Community Relations Officer John Steffen
• SDSU Police Community Resource Officer Mark Peterson and Nicole Borunda, Community Relations Manager for SDSU

6. DCAC Officers Report
• President Report
• Vice President Report
• Treasurer Report

7. Elected Officials Report:
• Councilmember Scott Sherman: Liz Saidkhanian, Council Representative for Del Cerro
• Congresswoman Susan Davis Representative

8. Main Topics:

• Tim Taylor, Chief Policy Advisor for San Diego City Council President Pro Tem Marti Emerald will give an overview of two new ordinances regarding Mini Dorms south of I-8 City Council will be considering
soon. (The ordinances will not impact Del Cerro unless Del Cerro residents supported the ordinances later next year nor would they impact any homes already constructed or expanded prior to adoption of
the ordinances for Del Cerro.)

• Cameron Durckel – SDG&E Public Affairs – Del Cerro Blvd. Median Update

• Professor Eric Frost, Ph.D., as a resident of Del Cerro, will provide an update on what his graduate homeland security class is doing regarding Adobe Falls.

9. Old Business

10. New Business

11. Next Meeting – Thursday, January 26 – 7 p.m. in Temple Emanu-El

12. Adjourn

Visit DCAC website @

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