Proposed Mini Dorm Ordinance to be Information Item at NCPI on Wednesday, Oct 12 – Meeting at Mission Trails Visitor Center at 6:30

The City of San Diego is working on two new ordinances to curtail the expansion of ‘Mini Dorms” in residential areas adjacent to San Diego State University. Tim Taylor, from Councilmember Marti Emerald’s office will be providing an overview of the ordinances which could impact areas of Del Cerro and Allied Gardens at the Navajo Community Planners meeting on Wednesday, October 12, 6:30 p.m. at the Mission Trails Visitor Center. This will be an “information” item only and not an item to be voted upon by the NCPI board members at this time. Below is basic information provided by Mr. Taylor. Below the following paragraph are links to documents provided by Mr. Taylor.

Brief outline from Mr. Taylor
This matter consists of two proposed ordinances. One contains amendments to the Land Development Code primarily to address the impacts of high occupancy home remodels/additions that are inconsistent with the character of the RS zones in the vicinity of SDSU. The amendments would place certain limits on the development of larger single family homes in RS zones citywide, as well as additional limits on the development of larger single family homes in RS zones in the areas influenced by SDSU. The proposed standards involve the number of bedrooms, the number of off-street parking spaces, and amount of interior common area. In addition, a companion ordinance would amend Municipal Code Chapter 1, Article 2 to increase the maximum allowable administrative civic penalties for enforcement actions carried out by the City of San Diego for all San Diego Municipal Code violations citywide. The primary reason for adoption of the latter ordinance is to deal with citywide enforcement actions unrelated to high occupancy residences in the College Area. The staff report has a lot more info. Page 13 has a map of potentially affected areas of Del Cerro (3rd attachment).

Supporting Documents to the proposed ordinances
1. high-occupancy-sfdu-draft-ord-9-20-16

2. increased-ce-admin-civil-penalties-draft-ord-9-20-16

3. staff-report-rules-cmte-high-occupancy-sfdu-ord

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