Draft Minutes for the July 28 Del Cerro Action Council Quarterly Meeting

Del Cerro Action Council Draft Minutes – July 28, 2016
The meeting was called to order at Temple Emanu-El at 7:00 pm by DCAC Treasurer Michael McSweeney. Mark Rawlins, the Chair of DCAC is on military reserve duty as a Navy Captain.

Following the pledge of allegiance, approval of minutes of the April 28 meeting and approval of the agenda for tonight’s meeting, Michael introduced John Steffen, our SDPD Community Relations Officer

John Steffen, the police Community Relations Officer
for the Navajo Area. He reported two residential burglaries in Del Cerro and several car prowls – valuables left in plain site. Keep your windows and doors shut. To report a non-threatening matter, call the SDPD Business Number 619.531.2000. The wait time has been greatly reduced. He was asked about the location of the crimes on the top of Del Cerro. He assured us he would provide that information and we will post it on the DCAC website. Please note crimes are reported with the hundred block. Specific addresses not provided. If you would like to contact CRO Steffen, his email address is JMSteffen@pd.sandiego.gov and his phone number is 858.495.7971.

David Ege – SC Library Manager – work on-going at the lower lot – remediation still in progress for the lot at Golfcrest and Jackson Drive which will become part of the new library site. We hope to have a final report on the mediation by the end of the year. URL to the Friends of the San Carlos Library website: http://sancarlosfriendsofthelibrary.org/

Report from DCAC Board Members:
Jay referenced the proposed Maintenance Assessment District for Del Cerro and emphasized that the DCAC has not taken a position and would not until all the information about a possible MAD is available; cost, procedure, areas to be impacted, how it would operate, etc. Jay stated that the city policy requires two public meetings and that all property owners would receive a ballot in the mail once all procedures and requirements are met.

Councilmember Scott Sherman – Liz Saidkhanian, the Director of Outreach and our representative for Councilmember Sherman was unable to attend and Jay gave her report.
1. The City recently held a meeting with SDSU, SDPD and Regional Water Quality Control Board regarding Adobe Falls. This was the first of many meetings and we are still investigating all options for this site. Our office is currently scheduling a meeting between the SDPD and the City Attorney’s office to determine any other options for securing the City’s entrance off of Adobe Falls Road and how we can ticket trespassers.
2. Our office will also be meeting with the City Attorney’s office to discuss the transient issue near Chaparral Canyon. If anyone has any information of people rummaging through their recycling bins please contact Liz because we also want to work with code enforcement to cite scavenging. Email – ESaidkhanian@sandiego.gov Phone 619.236.6677.
3. The SDG&E project on Airoso will be wrapping up in August and the remainder of Airoso will be repaved.
4. The City is continuing to negotiate with SDG&E on how the Del Cerro Median will be re-vegetated.

Julio Guzman with the City Attorney’s Criminal Division gave a brief overview of his department – they handle misdemeanor fines and infractions. He also emphasized calling 619 531 2000 if you see a non-threatening matter. He outlined the community court – if someone is arrested for a minor crime, his department will work with them through the community court program. Often they will receive 16 hours of community service. His department recently hired Alpha Project, and they have counselors to give counseling on alcohol, drugs, and related matters.

Julio was asked to define a misdemeanor – a crime that receives less than one year in county jail. A felony is a crime when the value is less than $900. One year and a day is a felony. With prop 47, the case load increased by 3,000 cases annually.

Ashley Campbell representing US Congresswoman Susan Davis Ashley is the District Scheduler and a Community Aide for Congresswoman Susan Davis: Ashley’s phone number is (619) 280-5353 and her email address is Ashley.Campbell@mail.house.gov. Here is a link to the website for Congresswoman Davis. Do not hesitate to contact Ashley if you have a federal concern or issue.

Update from Nicole Borunda, the Community Relations Manager for SDSU.
The fence at Mill Peak – fencing material is on its way. Construction to begin a week from. It is ¼ inch chain link fence so it is much harder to cut and will be 8 feet high.
Tunnel – under the freeway – SDSU is now working with CalTrans to determine the best way to provide something that will keep individuals from walking through the tunnel from SDSU to Adobe Falls, and at the same time allow water and debris to flow through.
If you would like to contact Nicole her phone number is 619.594.2078 email: nborunda@mail.sdsu.edu
? What about a clean-up of Adobe Falls
Response: Nicole – we are working with the County Water Quality Control Board.

?How are SDSU students notified to stay away from Adobe Falls
Answer: Incoming freshman receive information about Adobe Falls, and there will be information in the Daily Aztec.

Lt. Ron Brussard SDSU Police Department – Since June 1st there have been 141 checks at Adobe Falls. We have also responded to 56 calls for service 56 calls. We have issued 60 citations from marijuana to drugs. We have impounded car and made one arrest. If you need to call the SDSU Police Dispatch Office, the number is 619. 594.1991.
?How many officers are on staff.
Answer – We have a total of 21 and that means only 4-5 on any day shift and 3-4 on a night shift. With the start of school, we will be required to spend more time on campus.
?Are citations are they being issued to students and/or outside violators
Answer: With social media all types of people are going to Adobe Falls and being cited.

?Is there a set schedule to visit Adobe Falls?
Answer: No, it is all based on calls for service.

Michael then led a discussion on Concerns, Potential Solutions and forming a DCAC Adobe Falls Sub Committee.

Quality of Life
1) Damage to property/vandalism
2) Crime/Drug use
3) Fire in the canyon that could threaten homes
4) Trespassing on private property – yards and homes
5) Undesirables in the neighborhood
6) Water Quality – pollution into the storm drain
7) Environmental damage to Adobe Falls and the surrounding canyon area
8) Decline in property values
9) Lack of inter-agency communication

1) Fence – SDSU drainage tunnel
2) Fence – City of San Diego property
3) Patrol consistency – SDSU + City of San Diego
4) Replace damages signs – “No Trespassing”
5) SDSU – fence their entire property in Adobe Falls – talk to State Assembly member for funding
6) Surveillance cameras for Adobe Falls and8) the tunnel
7) Environmental deterrents
8) Land swap – SDSU to transfer their property to City of San Diego (verify SDSU & CalTrans property)
9) Public pressure on politicians and SDSU administration
10) Pressure from politicians and public on Junk House
11) Graffiti removal at Adobe Falls
12) Update residents
13) Social media campaign to counter the negative impact currently being broadcast for Adobe Falls

Form a DCAC subcommittee on Adobe Falls

Six members of the community volunteered to serve on the committee

– A special email address has been established to receive input from the community and to communicate with community members (your email will not be published) AdobeFallsDelCerro@cox.net

Airplane noise – Montgomery Field
Jay stated he had received several emails regarding increased noise from late night aircraft flying over the top of Del Cerro. Please note neither the City of San Diego nor Montgomery Field have any control over airspace or flight patterns. Air space is totally under the control of the Federal Aviation Administration. In checking the latest noise report (April through June 2016) not a single complaint was registered from Del Cerro. Here is the URL to report a noise matter regarding Montgomery Field https://www.sandiego.gov/airports/noise to report a noise matter regarding Montgomery Field.

Public Comment
Stu Joseph, with Dan Leonard, representing the Del Cerro Taxpayers Association – spoke on why their organization, the Del Cerro Tax Payers Association, is against a Del Cerro Maintenance Assessment District and they are collecting signatures on a petition to oppose the measure.

One gentleman asked for an update on the proposed 26 unit housing development being proposed for the canyon below the Chevron Station and east of College Avenue and the status of the undeveloped property on the top of Del Cerro.

Jay provided a response – Housing Project: ColRich is still working on the project – primarily working on all the requirements with the City’s Development Department. A representative from ColRich has assured us they will be back for an update prior to a presentation to the Navajo Community Planners.

Top of Del Cerro Property – The City of San Diego is designating the property as park space.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30. The next meeting will be October 27, 7 pm at Temple Emanu-El.

The Del Cerro Action Council website is delcerroactioncouncil.org

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