Draft Minutes from the October 22 meeting of the Del Cerro Action Council

Minutes of Del Cerro Action Council Agenda October 22, 2015

The meeting was called to order at 7:01 by DCAC Vice-Chair Anita Colmie who then led the Pledge of Allegiance.

The agenda for the October Agenda 22 was unanimously approved as were the meeting minutes of the July 23rd meeting.

The community police report was given by SDPD Eastern Division Community Relations Officer Tom Bostedt. Officer Bostedt introduced himself as a new CRO who will primarily be working in the western portion of the division, but will also be working patrol in our area. He is not replacing CRO Adam McElroy. The crime statistics were down for the past month.

There were three violent crimes in our area and all related to domestic violence.
Residential burglaries dropped for the month from 5 to 4. There was one residential
burglary on top of Del Cerro. Fortunately there was a good video surveillance system in
place, allowing for identity of the suspect who has also been tied to cases.

There have been a series of burglaries tied to the victims attending memorial services.
The suspects are looking at obituaries for the time of services, and they would burglarize the home while the victims were attending a memorial service.

There has been only 1 car prowl in Del Cerro and no stolen vehicles. There were 12 arrests
most were on Adobe Falls; the side accessed from Waring Road.

Several crimes have originated off of Airoso, below the Dam. Some may be living in one of
the abandoned homes with permission. There were 35 citations issued; most associated with traffic violations on Madra Avenue.

CRO Bostedt commented that residents are doing a good job with keeping doors and
windows shut; all the burglaries had windows/doors pried open.

There was a head-on crash on College near Wenrich. A drunk driver was north bound. He
jumped the median and came down in the southbound lane, causing a head on crash that
resulted in no major injuries.

The question was asked if the burglaries were at any specific time? CRO Bostedt said during the day – when cars are not in the driveway or parked in front of a home.

He was also asked if there was any update on Neighborhood Watch. CRO Bostedt did not have an update.

Another question dealt with speeding cars coming down Madra by Windmill Farms – making it unsafe to turn left from the parking lot on to Madra Ave. CRO Bostedt stated that would be a Traffic Engineering problem, and he will also take a look at the area in question. Liz Saidkhanian from Councilmember Sherman’s office said she would ask the new Traffic Engineer for our area to evaluate the concern and respond.

Anita then introduced SDSU Police Community Resource Officer, Corporal Mark Peterson, who in turn introduced the Nicole Borunda, the new Community Relations Manager for SDSU. Nicole stated one of her first priorities has been Adobe Falls and that she met with two of the concerned residents today. CRO Peterson stated there are normally 3-4 officers on duty for all of SDSU at any time. As an example, during his 8 hour shift today he monitored 5 responses of officers investigating a report regarding Adobe Falls. He further commented that SDSU is working on ways to clean-up the graffiti at Adobe Falls and comply with environmental regulations. One possibility is to dam up the creek, place woodchips in the dammed area, then power wash the rock walls to remove the graffiti and have the woodchips absorb the washed off debris. He further stated they are looking at drones, equipped with cameras to fly over Adobe Falls to deter the hikers.
CRO Peterson said there is still an issue with CalTrans regarding installation of a grate on the SDSU side of the storm drain that runs under I-8. The grate has to cover the entrance and at the same time allow the water and debris to flow into the tunnel. Nicole also commented SDSU is also looking at fencing around part of Adobe Falls and is contacting the neighbors.

Elected Officials Reports:
• Field Representative Sarah Fields reported for State Senator Marty Block who represents
the 39th District. Sarah Fields stated the senator is in the district as the legislative session
in Sacramento ended last month. Senator Block is holding a public utilities hearing on
Oct. 28 from 1-4 p.m. on the 12th floor of City Hall located at 202 “C” Street. Members of the PUC will be in attendance and focusing on changes to Net Energy Monitoring. Representatives from the PUC will be in attendance. Sarah may be reached at Sarah.fields@sen.ca.gov.

• Councilmember Scott Sherman: Representative – Liz Saidkhanian, Director of Outreach
reported on Adobe Falls clean-up on September 19. A total of 100 people participated
and over 1,100 lbs of trash was collected.

The city has finally dredged their portions of Alvarado Creek. Five separate environmental
permits were required. The City now has a grant from SANDAG ($300,000) and $100,000 from the city. SDG&E has agreed to enhance the median in front of Hearst Elementary.

The Program:
• “City of San Diego Water Conservation and Drought response” David Akin, Esq., works for the Customer Support Division, Public Utilities Department, City of San Diego made the presentation. He helps residents navigate through the bureaucracy of the city. The Public Utilities Dept. is large. One of the most asked questions is how does the city determine the sewer rate. He said look at lowest monthly consumption – that is used to determine your monthly sewer charge. David discussed reasons water bills is higher than it should be. Check for leaks – bad news – not all leaks will qualify for hidden leaks. Running toilets and leaking irrigation does not qualify for an adjustment. Make sure you have a good water pressure regulator. Turn off everything and check the meter in the sidewalk. If you see movement on the meter and you know everything is turned off, you have a leak.
Sometimes we make a mistake in reading the meter. The meter readers check about 500 a
day. To read your meter lift the cement cover in the sidewalk and open the cap of the meter, it has a meter number on it.

We are currently in a Drought Level 2. The State mandated a 25% cutback in water use. We cut back 16% and this was because we had done a better job in cutting back prior to the Governor’s order. There is an APP “Waste No Water” available through the city. If you see anyone or business wasting water, let us know. We also offer a free residential survey.
David is hoping to see some more grant funds for replacing grass with drought tolerant plants. The total rebate can reach $3.50 a square foot with funds from city and state. They are working on a rebate for grey water. You do not need a permit for using water from your basin or washing machine.

If you want more information, it is on-line http://www.sandiego.gov/water or contact customer serves at 619.533.3500. The best days to call Customer Service are Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday for fastest service. If you need to contact David, his email address is Dakin@sandiego.gov.

David commented that most of the rate increases are for infrastructure, desalinization. The rate increases specifically for water use are quite small.

?Are there any plans to add more reservoirs? ANSWER: The department is looking at a number of things. Money is the key. They are looking at groundwater, recycling water, etc. We are paying a lot more for water from the Metropolitan Water District.

?When will the desalinization plan go on-line.? It is scheduled to go on-line next month and it will provide 7% of our water needs.

Public Comment: The question was asked if anyone knew what the pink tape was for that is tied around several of the pine trees in the College Avenue median south of Del Cerro Blvd.

The next Meeting – Thursday, January 28 – 7 p.m. Temple Emanu-El.
Program – Dan McAllister – County of San Diego, Treasurer/Tax Collector


Visit DCAC website @ delcerroactioncouncil.org

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