Draft Minutes of Del Cerro Action Council Meeting – July 23, 2015 – Next meeting October 22


DRAFT Minutes of the Del Cerro Action Council Meeting – July 23, 2015

Del Cerro Action Council Meeting Minutes for July 23, 2015 DRAFT
The meeting was called to order by DCAC Chair Mark Rawlins at 7:06 p.m. He requested Jay Wilson lead the pledge of allegiance.
By a unanimous vote the minutes of the April 23rd meeting was approved.
The agenda for the July 23rd meeting was approved unanimously.
San Diego Police Lt. Michel Swanson reported that since the Neighborhood Watch meeting in Del Cerro two weeks ago, there has not been a single robbery reported. Lt. Swanson commented that his “C Squad” has combed the canyon adjacent to Lake Murray Dam and since the arrests and initially removing all the encampments, none have returned.
A resident mentioned the increased negative activity at the Pasatiempo Park on top of Del Cerro (this is the park on the west side of Pasatiempo). Most of the problems is caused by teenagers, at night, and on the weekends. Lt. Swanson stated he would have units investigate the area more frequently.
The increased activity at Adobe Falls is a growing concern for the residents including the Smoke Tree complex. The concern is the lack of enforcement by the SDSU police officers. They are issuing warnings, but not citations. One resident said she spoke with an SDSU police sergeant and he told her the reason no citations are being issued is because his department does not have time or money to send officers to court.

Meredith Morganroth the Director of Social & Wellness Services for Jewish Family Services San Diego, announced that the Senior Center that has been at Temple Beth Jacob in the College area will be moving to Temple Emanu-El as of September 1.

Lt. Swanson said Adobe Falls is SDSU property and they have jurisdiction on the property. His officers cannot take any action unless there is a violation within his department’s jurisdiction. But if you see a violation, call the police. (if it is not a 911 emergency, call the police business line 619.531.2000.) He said you can also file a report on-line. (Here is the link to file an online police report.) A resident from Smoke Tree stated we have no trespassing signs posted, but we still have activity with on residents walking through our property on their way to Adobe Falls. t. Swanson said even if there are no trespassing signs, if the area is open, it is not a violation. He said Smoke Tree can file a letter of agency, and that will allow the police take action. The Lt. was also asked if there is coordination between the SDSU and SDPD police departments. He responded “not a lot because it SDSU property. It is more difficult to coordinate with a state agency than the La Mesa Police Dept.”

Liz Saidkhanian representing Councilmember Scott Sherman. (619.236.6677) ESaidkhanian@sandiego.gov)

She reported she walked the Adobe Falls site with Dion Akers from SDSU. “We have floated several ideas.” We should probably have a meeting with all interested parties. A resident said it appears that SDSU’s attitude is a lot of lip service but they really don’t care.

Liz met with I Love a Clean San Diego and a clean-up is planned for Adobe Falls on Sep. 19, if SDSU supports the effort. We are looking at ways to clean up the graffiti at Adobe Falls. The major problem is how to contain the residue. The cleaning material and the removed paint cannot be allowed to enter the Alvarado Storm Drain.

Armeda representing for US Congresswoman Susan Davis – immigration and education are the Congresswoman’s specialty. She is working hard to stop child hunger during the summer. 2 upcoming events – Retirement security workshop and an Arts and Humanities nonprofit workshop that will have California and Federal representatives. Here is a link for more information Look below Events Schedule on the left hand side of the webpage.

Armeda was asked if the Congresswoman Davis could call SDSU and help drive the community concern home. She explained an elected federal official cannot call someone at the State level. But the representatives of the elected officials communicate frequently and can carry a message. She suggested we contact our elected State representatives. We will be contacting State Senator Marty Block.
Marty Block.

Tony Pauker – ColRich VP of Acquisitions gave a thorough presentation on the proposed 26 home development proposed for the canyon area below the Chevron Station. ColRich has been in business for 30 years, is based in San Diego and concentrates on in-fill developments. The parcel is below the Chevron Station, goes down to the I-8 west bound off ramp, and then turns east. It covers 5.6 acres. The property was a graded in the early 1960’s. There is a big boulder pile in the middle. It is zoned for single family homes with a minimum of 5,000 square foot lots. We will follow the zoning – 26 single family homes

The entry and egress will be immediately south of the gas station. General concept – we have a linear row of homes accessed from College Ave. These homes will be lower than College Ave.

They we have a series of cycles to get through the process. This will take approximately 6 months. They will be coming back to the community several times for community meetings or smaller groups. The homes will be 1800 to 2200 square feet and will sell in the high $600,000.

It was pointed out that when SDSU is in session, traffic in the morning can back up on College Avenue sometimes beyond Del Cerro Blvd. As an example, if someone living in the new complex, has a student at Hearst Elementary, they will have to go well beyond Montezuma before they will be able to make a a U-Turn to get back to their home.

If the project is approved, it will take about one year before construction would begin. Grading will take 3-4 months and an additional 5-6 months to build the homes.

Water reclamation and run-off. What happens to run-off? There are very stringent controls regarding run-off. We must retain all the rainwater. The homes will be grey-water equipped.

Tony Pauker will provide digital files of the drawings he showed at the meeting which will be posted on the DCAC and NCPI websites. We will also have an update at our October 22 meeting.

Next meeting will be Thursday, October 22, 7 p.m. at Temple Emanu-El

Meeting adjourned at 8:43 p.m.

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