Signs your dog may be overheated

Good morning Del Cerro!

Rangers at Mission Trails Regional Park have rescued several dogs because the dog owners did not recognize the signs their dog had become overheated while accompanying their owners on a hike during this very hot weather at Mission Trails. Please take the necessary precautions when walking your dog in this hot and humid weather. Here is a link to a flyer listing the key signs a dog may becoming overheated. Flyer about preventing your dog from becoming overheated.

The following is from the web page on the Mission Trails home page.
Over the past several days, due to the extreme heat and humidity, the MTRP Rangers have helped rescue a number of dogs that have overheated. If you think it’s hot outside, try wearing a fur coat with no ability to sweat and no shoes to protect your feet! Please use your common sense and do NOT bring your dog out to exercise when it’s hot outside. Your dog can literally DIE and you can be cited under CPC 597(b) for Cruelty to Animals.

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