Draft Minutes of the Del Cerro Action Council Meeting on Jan. 22, 2015

President Jay Wilson called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

Jay relayed that the site below the Chevron on College is zoned for 28 homes. The owner will decide in the next 60 days whether or not to build.
(As a follow up, Jay has been informed the firm considering developing the homes
elected not to pick up the option on the property)

 Elected Officials Report:

Police Community Relations Officer Adam McElroy reported that crime normally increases during the holiday time. Del Cerro had an unusual incident—a resident jeweler was followed home from a jewelry show and robbed when he parked his car. Statistically, Del Cerro’s crime rate is about 25% less than that in the College area. In the last 3 months, Del Cerro had 71 police calls versus 93 in the College area. If you need to contact CRO Adam McElroy, his email address is amcelroy@pd.sandiego.gov

Councilmember Scott Sherman’s representative is now Liz Saidkhanian. Ryley Webb is still in Scott’s office, just no longer assigned to Del Cerro. Liz passed out street sealing maps and discussed paving projects. Albertsons decided not to renew their lease which will expire in April. They expect to close the store prior to the end of February. The Albertsons’-Waring Rd employees will be transferred to other Albertsons’ locations. Scott Sherman’s office is working with the property manager to bring in a grocery tenant to the Albertsons space. If you need to reach Liz in Councilmember Sherman’s office, her email address is:

Scott will be starting the District Town Hall meetings in February.

Kevin Beiser, School Board Member

Kevin relayed that the Patrick Henry Auditorium should be completed by March 2016. Parking problems were discussed and should be alleviated once the construction is completed. There will be a loss of 18 parking spaces.

Kevin is proud that the San Diego schools retained their music programs and class sizes. Kevin finally got air conditioning put into several hot schools in our area where the temperatures soared to 102 degrees. The school board is working on the budget and is starting to get back a little of the funding the state took a few years ago. We need to lobby the state to restore education funding faster. Other departments have already been fully restored; however it will take 8 years to restore the education funding.

Kevin believes in using research results to improve programs and to expand programs that work. Examples of successful programs are the graduation coaches and transitional kindergarten. It is important to ensure our kids are literate by the 3rd grade as 3rd grade literacy rates predict prison population 15 years out.

Child safety is the #1 priority and the schools are taking steps to keep the children safe. Kevin answered questions from the residents.

One question for Kevin was “why can’t the school district change the start time to a later time for Patrick Henry? Kevin responded that the start time for the school is a site decision and not one determined at the Education Center.
As a follow up, Jay Wilson contacted Listy Gillingham, the Principal at Patrick Henry, and
posed the start time question to her. She responded:

With the sport’s program all after school there is no way we could move
our start time back. Students are already practicing until 9 pm some nights.

The next meeting of the DCAC will be Thursday, April 23, 7 p.m. at Temple Emanu-El. Our guest
speaker will be Councilmember Scott Sherman!

There were no other resident concerns. The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Anita Colmie
Vice President

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