Windmill Farms Reopens following fire!

Windmill Farms is OPEN! Following a fire which required Windmill Farms to close their doors during the repairs, the doors to Windmill Farms are open once again. It is very nice to have them back and serving the Navajo Area. I am sure Matt Mann, the manager, and his dedicated employees are ready for their customers to return. Windmill Farms is certainly an asset to us. They continue to give back to the community by supporting many school and community based events.
Jay Wilson, Del Cerro Action Council

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2 Responses to Windmill Farms Reopens following fire!

  1. Unfortunately not everything is available yet. When I visited today, I was told they had to discard everything from the meat/seafood dept., as well as from the dairy and frozen food cases, and replace them with new product. Groceries, veggies, dairy, and frozen is back, but fresh meat and seafood is pretty much nonexistent, although there is some new prepackaged chicken. They said it could be at least two weeks before repairs are completed to the meat department before they will be able to resume normal operations and stock fresh meat and seafood again.

  2. Susan Braun says:

    Thanks. We have been driving through the parking lot most days just to check. Sue

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