Del Cerro Resident Survey Results


The survey results posted below are a compilation of the data collected from all the submitted surveys. A copy of the survey results has been relayed to Councilmember Scott Sherman for his reference and referral. Thank you to everyone who participated. DCAC will begin addressing the questions and concerns, and posting responses as they are available. Thank you to Anita Colmie for compiling all the data.

Resurfacing priority of streets in Del Cerro

  • Del Cerro Blvd. (especially at Madra)
  • Airoso—all of it
  • College from Navajo to I-8
  • Jackson Drive from Park Ridge Blvd. to Navajo (this is in San Carlos)
  • Weeds near on/off ramps—this is a CalTrans issue and DCAC has notified CalTrans.
  • Suggest repaving after the undergrounding is done. (Once the specific undergrounding project is completed, including the removal of abandoned utility poles, the impacted streets must be repaved or slurry sealed from curb to curb)

Type of retail store/service most wanted in the Del Cerro shopping area.

  • Restaurants—from casual to fine dining.
  • There was an expressed need for a restaurant serving all 3 meals.
  • A coffee shop would be a big hit as would a dry cleaner.

(DCAC will relay the residents’ suggestions to the property manager/owners of the retail space.)

What we want our councilmember to help us with our community

  • Undergrounding which includes removing the empty poles once the wires are undergrounded; why are the empty poles left behind?
  • Too much street parking—can it be limited?
  • What are the rules on parking motorhomes, boats and trailers?
  • City beautification-water medians, clean the streets, remove tape from folks posting signs (this could be a neighborhood beautification project)
  • We understand medians are not being maintained, but what about dead trees such as the 2 dead eucalyptus in the median between Lance and Rockhurst, which is a potential hazard? Will the city pick up trash accumulated in the medians?
  • How to get homeowners to take care of their front yards, for curb appeal. Removal of junk and old cars from front yards.
  • Are there any rules on height of trees that would block a view?
  • More park land–Overuse of Hearst and Princess Del Cerro fields—neighborhood parks are being used for community sports, not just neighborhood
  • Police drivebys to deter crime.
  • Street potholes
  • Refresh painted curbs, street line dividers
  • Speeding
  • How to get folks to pick up after their dogs; do signs or bag posts works or are they just tacky?
  • Effective use of the vacant city property at the top of Del Cerro (Pasatiempo and Wandemere)-one suggestion was to put up solar panels and sell electricity to SDGE
  • Brush management on city land
  • Upgrade the Benjamin Library
  • Increased air traffic-both small planes and helicopters—did flight paths change?

Items for the DCAC to address

  • Pretty much the same as the city concerns. DCAC to follow up with city leaders on the above issues as well as staying abreast of any SDSU expansion into Del Cerro
  • Assist in matching elderly homeowners with volunteers to help them with yard upkeep
  • Identify areas that need more streetlights
  • Neighborhood watch
  • Margerum children’s playground

Priorities for our City government

  • Improve the city sewer system
  • Breaking water pipes
  • Need more community gathering space
  • Cost of water
  • Road paving/potholes
  • City budget
  • More playgrounds
  • Control crime
  • Dog leash laws and picking up after ones’ dog
  • Stop the fighting and work together for the benefit of San Diego


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