Patrick Henry Senior Portfolio Exhibitions – Volunteers Needed on May 22

Community Volunteers needed for Senior Portfolio Exhibitions. 

If you have not participated as a member of a reviewing panel for the senior Portfolio Exhibits at Patrick Henry, you have missed out on a very rewarding opportunity.  I have had the pleasure of serving on many review panels and it is definitely something everyone should do.   Jay Wilson, DCAC

From the PHHS website.    One of the S.D. School District graduation requirements, for seniors, is to successfully complete a Senior Exhibition. This involves students speaking in front of a panel of staff and community members. Students are required to share how they have grown and matured over the four years of high school and reflect how their educational experiences have prepared them for their future goals after high school. We need community members to volunteer to be part of our panels. This is an extremely rewarding experience. LINK to more information about the Senior Portfolio Exhibition on May 22.


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