Your vote could benefit Mission Trails Regional Park

This update is on behalf of the Mission Trails Regional Park Foundation where I have the pleasure to serve as the Executive Director of this outstanding organization. THE MTRP Foundation has been selected as one of the eight 2011 ECO Ambassadors by CBS Channel 8, SDG&E and the San Diego River Park Foundation. Whichever one of the eight ECO Ambassadors receives the most on-line votes by noon on December 1, will receive $25,000 to help support the MTRP Foundation’s educational programs targeting underserved youth and their families

You can now vote for the Mission Trails Regional Park Foundation to win $25,000 in the 2011 SDG&E/CBS Channel 8/SD River Park Foundation ECO Ambassadors contest. You can vote ONCE A DAY through December 1 from every computer and device you have with internet access! Please send this information to all your friends, colleagues, relatives, facebook friends, Twitter contacts, and anyone else you know around the world, and ask them to participate in the voting for the Mission Trails Regional Park Foundation each and every day through December 1. This is important, and we are up against some stiff competition.

  • Tuesday morning, Pedro Villegas, Director of Community Relations for SDG&E, announced the MTRP Foundation is one of their eight 2011 ECO Ambassadors. As of 7:00 am Friday morning, we are in a race to win $25,000. Through December 1, the ECO Ambassador with the greatest number of on-line votes at, will win the $25,000. We are going to win this race. I will need your help and that of your friends, and everyone else you know with internet access around the world. You can vote ONCE a day. You are also encouraged to “like” the ECO Ambassadors Facebook page (
  • All voting will take place on-line. This is one instance where you may legally vote early, and vote often (once a day). Click on the blue LINK above. Then click on VOTE in the top right hand corner. That will take you directly to the voting page. Click the vote box below the MTRP photo (yes it is my picture on the screen, and you are voting for the MTRP Foundation Education Program, not me!) Then click the word VOTE in the orange box at the top of the page. It appears the system is counting the computer as having voted because after you vote, if you check back, the webpage will inform you that you have already voted.

As background, we were selected because we are one of the finalists for SDG&E’s Environmental Champions awards. With the help of MTRP Foundation Board Member, Michael Brunker, we partnered with the San Diego County YMCA’s, and submitted a grant application to expand our educational program. The goal is to bring MTRP to the Y’s and have over 1,000 underserved children and their parents visit MTRP for more environmental hands-on experiences, including a service learning project to help preserve our open space. We should know the amount of the Environmental Champions award by the end of next week.

Thank you everyone!

Jay Wilson
Executive Director
Mission Trails Regional Park Foundation

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