2006 Del Cerro citizen of the year

Rosemary Ghosn

For those of you who don’t know Rosemary, you are missing out on knowing one very special lady. I’m so proud to have her as my neighbor and dear friend. She has been a tireless volunteer in connection with Save Del Cerro, and always has a watchful eye out for people around her and things amiss in our neighborhood. She’s the type of person who sees things that need to be done, and she does them quietly, with no desire for thanks or accolades. During the Cedar Fires, she personally organized a neighborhood campaign to collect blankets and necessities for the fire victims. More recently, when our neighborhood gardener’s house burned down, she quickly spread the word to all of us so we could do what we could to help him and his family get back on their feet.

We all have our own personal challenges to deal with in life, and Rosemary is no exception. However, she takes it all in stride with such grace and always a smile on her face. It was my great honor to present such a deserving individual with the 2006 Citizen of the Year Award this past January. Congratulations, Rosemary!

—Anne Brunkow

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