Annual HUGE Rummage Sale at St. Dunstan’s

Friday and Saturday, 7 a.m. – 2 p.m.-August 21 and 22 -is the annual St. Dunstan’s Episcopal Church HUGE Rummage Sale located at 6556 Wandermere Street (across from Patrick Henry).

This annual event is always the largest rummage sale in Grantville, Allied Gardens, Del Cerro and San Carlos. This year there is a very large selection of great furniture. Stop by, browse the incredible selection of items, and maybe make a purchase.

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Navajo Canyon Cleanup – Saturday, July 25 – 1:30-4:00 p.m.

Navajo Canyon (Del Cerro/Allied Gardens) 1:30-4:30PM
Directions to meet up location – Waring Rd. Take it North. Turn right (South) on Eldridge St. and follow left as road turns into Easton Ave. Turn right (South) on Easton Ct. and take to end of cul-de-sac. Park in Church parking lot. Meet at gate. Thomas Guide 1250 B6. *NO BATHROOMS ON SITE*,+San+Diego,+CA+92120/@32.793728,-117.073435,431m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!3m1!1s0x80d95673f471d203:0xb674021ba6b73ced?hl=en


We will be picking up debris and removing invasive plants.

Additional Project Information: *NO BATHROOMS ON SITE* Tools and gloves are provided. Please wear closed toes shoes and protection from the sun (a hat, sunscreen, etc). Bring a sufficient amount of water for yourself to drink. Volunteers must be physically able to hike on uneven terrain down into canyon during some volunteer events and perform varying degrees of manual labor. Tasks vary and can be accommodated to fit volunteer’s abilities. Events are rain or shine!

Please Note:
If you or your guest is below the age of 18, you need to have a parent or guardian sign the Liability Waiver that can be found at and bring the signed waiver to the volunteer event.

You are welcome to just show up to the event without prior notification if you have a group of 5 or less.

If you would like to sign up a group please notify me in advance.

You can find my volunteer events posted at and (At this link you can also find the liability waiver for minors under 18).

If you have any questions about the event let me know. If you would like to be removed from the list let me know.

Thank you,

Josh Lambdin
Park Ranger
City of San Diego
Park and Recreation Department
Open Space Division
(619) 525-8503

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DCAC Agenda for Thursday, July 23 – 7 p.m. – Temple Emanu-El

Del Cerro Action Council Agenda July 23, 2015 – 7 p.m. Temple Emanu-El

1. Call meeting to Order
2. Pledge of Allegiance
3. Approval of July Agenda
4. Approval of the May DCAC General Meeting Minutes
5. Community Police Report –Lt. Michael Swanson – SDPD Eastern Division
6. DCAC Officers Report
• President Report – Mark Rawlins
• Vice President Report – Anita Colmie
• Treasurer Report – Michael McSweeney
7. Elected Officials Report:
• Councilmember Scott Sherman: Liz Saidkhanian, Council Representative for Del Cerro
• Congresswoman Susan Davis: Representative

8. Topics:
• Senior Center at Temple Emanu-El – Meredith Morgenroth, Director of Social &
Wellness Services for Jewish Family Services San Diego
• Proposed Development adjacent to College Avenue – Tony Pauker, VP of Acquisitions
for ColRich.
9. Public Comment: You are allowed 2 minutes to present your comment on a non-agenda item.
10. Next Meeting – Thursday, October 22 – 7 p.m. in Temple Emanu-El Library
11. Adjourn
DCAC website

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Draft Notes for April 23, 2015 – Next Meeting Thursday, July 23 7pm – Temple Emanu-El

DRAFT NOTES for DCAC Meeting -Thursday, April 23

    The meeting was called to order by Jay Wilson at 7:03.

    There were no reports from elected officials or their representatives

    Police Update
    Jay introduced the Police Community Relations Officer for Eastern Division, Adam McElroy, who in turn introduced Lt. Mike Swanson who is now responsible for the Navajo Community. Officer McElroy stated crime in our community and the Navajo Community remains steadily low. There have been several car break-ins and it is usually because of valuables left in plain sight such as backpacks and laptops. If there is a burglary in a home, it is usually because a window or door is left open.

    There was a recent robbery of a resident on Snowbond. He was walking in the Princess Del Cerro Park about 10:30 in the evening when he was struck on the head and knocked unconscious. His cell phone was stolen. The unfortunate thing is the incident was not reported to the police until the next morning. It should have been reported as soon as possible.

    Officer McElroy stated the residents are the best resources for the police…. “….you are our eyes and ears in the community.”

    A resident commented her next door neighbor had a car broken into late at night, has video of the incident, but did not call the police. Officer McElroy urged that the victim call the police and report it.

    Jay reiterated the importance of contacting the police anytime there is criminal behavior or suspicious activity. He said “if it is an incident in progress, you call 911, if it is after the fact, call 619.531.2000. The police need to know even if it is a small matter or of little value. The police can’t help us if they are unaware of increased criminal activity.

    Page 2 DCAC Minutes – April 23, 2015

    Reporting minor incidents may provide the police with information about a series of crimes or allow them to become involved before it escalates into a more serious crime.

    Guest Speaker:
    Jay then introduced Councilmember Scott Sherman. Scott stated things at city hall are getting better. “I ran because I wanted to bring my business experience to city hall. I was just appointed Chair of the Audit Committee. We are evaluating various departments and applying the Zero Based Budgeting concept. As an example we noted the printing department was budgeted for $350,000 to print forms. In an audit, it was determined the previous year they only used $4,900. When asked why they budgeted $350,000 it was because that what had been allocated for 20 years. Nobody had ever gone back and determined what was actually needed.

    We also looked at the graffiti removal programs. A number of departments had their own programs. We now have a single number the public may call to report graffiti, and then internally it is routed to the proper department.

    District wide, Councilmember Sherman mentioned a need for a skate park in Linda Vista. He met with city staff and it was noted there was infrastructure money available through a state grant, but it had be to be associated with affordable housing. Fortunately the Linda Vista Recreation Center is surrounded by affordable housing and the director of the state grant funds determined there was nothing in grant guidelines that prohibited using the funds for a skate park. The city applied for the entire grant, assuming they might receive $1,000,000. Nobody else in California applied, so we received the full $3,000.000, and then a bonus of $1,500,000. The result is Linda Vista is receiving a large skate park and another skate park will be built in District 9.

    When asked about the Chargers, Councilmember Sherman said “I still believe there is a 70% chance the Chargers will remain in San Diego. He is very pleased the Mission Valley site was selected because development of the area can help pay for the new stadium. There is a real effort to develop higher density housing close to mass transit and Qualcomm is a prime example.

    The Councilmember stated that the next master plan update will be for Mission Valley.

    He was asked about the necessity of incurring more debt through a bond to help pay for much needed infrastructure repairs. Councilmember Sherman stated it was a difficult decision to support a bond issue, but that is the only way we are going to be able to catch

    Page 3 DCAC Minutes – April 23, 2015

    up with all the deferred maintenance. The plan is that by the time we pay off a 30 or 40 year bond, all the infrastructure repairs will have been made and the city will be financially solvent so it can keep up with infrastructure needs and bond costs will not be a burden on the residents forever.

    Councilmember Sherman was asked if the city had considered the “seeding of the clouds” to possibly help to increase the amount of rain. He stated that the matter had been discussed, but at this time there is not conclusive evidence that it truly works.

    The status of the proposed development of the property on the east side of College Avenue and south of the Chevron Station was brought up to the councilmember. He stated that it is on the drawing board, but nothing has been submitted to the city. It does propose to use a right in, right out access on College Avenue and that is a concern.

    Jay commented he has also been in communication with the developer and that if they decide to move forward they will come to the community first. That may occur the end of May.

    Councilmember Sherman was asked when are we going to be able to hike in the area by Adobe Falls? The councilmember referenced a meeting in two weeks with SDSU regarding the on-going concerns for Adobe Falls and the negative impact activity at Adobe Falls is having on the neighborhood.

    If you need to reach Councilmember Sherman’s office for a city related matter, contact Liz Saidkhanian, his Council Representative for the Navajo Area. Her phone number is 619.236.6677 and her email address is

    Public Comment
    Dion Akers from SDSU introduced himself and stated he is very involved in the Adobe Falls matter and is working with the city police department and Councilmember Sherman’s office. He also introduced the SDSU Police Community Resource Officer, Sgt. Peterson.

    Dion informed us the plan is for the storm drain from the SDSU side of I-8 that leads to Adobe Falls, should be closed off to pedestrian traffic this summer. Dion was asked if there has been a concerted effort by SDSU to inform students they are not to go to Adobe Falls. He said yes, including signs on the SDSU side, but they are periodically stolen.
    Page 4 DCAC Minutes – April 23, 2015

    Dion was also asked about the two blocks of construction on College Avenue, north of Montezuma. It was stated the building closest to Montezuma will be 4 stories and will be

    commercial and retail space. The building closest to SDSU will be 5 stories and will contain 300 parking spaces.

    Sgt. Peterson stated that tickets are being issued to people at Adobe Falls, but an officer has to view the illegal activity to issue a ticket.

    If you need to reach Mr. Akers, his email address is If you need to reach Sgt. Peterson, his email address is and his phone number is 619.594.1447

    Election of officers:
    Although everyone in Del Cerro was given an opportunity to serve on the DCAC Board, there was not a rush of new people. Jay then proposed the new slate of officers:
    Chair – Mark Rawlins
    Vice Chair – Anita Colmie
    Treasurer – Michael McSweeney
    Secretary – Jay Wilson

    With a motion from the floor and a second, the slate of new officers was unanimously approved.

    Jay stated the adoption of the Grantville Community Pan Update is working its way through the city. It is scheduled to be on docket for City Council action on June 9.

    Jay also mentioned that through the efforts of Councilmember Sherman’s office, and Liz Saidkhanian in particular, a farmers market is due to open on Friday’s from 4-8 p.m. in the parking lot of what used to be Albertson’s. The farmers market is being sponsored by the Grantville-Allied Gardens Kiwanis Club. The farmers market will be operated by the same person who operates a very successful farmers market in Ocean Beach.

    The Next Meeting will be July 23 with new DCAC Chair Mark Rawlins

    The meeting was adjourned at 8:15

    Respectfully submitted by Jay Wilson, DCAC Secretary

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NCPI to have an information only presentation on proposed development adjacent to College Avenue

At the Navajo Community Planners meeting on Wednesday, July 8 there will be an information presentation by the developers of the proposed development of single family homes on the property south of our Chevron Service Station and east of College Avenue. The meeting will be held at the Tifereth Israel Synagogue at 7 p.m. in San Carlos. Here is a link to the agenda. We will also have a presentation on the development at the July 23rd meeting of the Del Cerro Action Council which will be held at Temple Emanu-El at 7 p.m. The project has a long way to go before receiving approval by the city. We will have ample opportunity to learn more about the proposed project and to ask questions and share any concerns.

Jay Wilson, Vice Chair

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Del Cerro Crime Update

From: Saidkhanian, Liz []
Sent: Monday, June 15, 2015 4:30 PM
Cc: Mcelroy, Adam
Subject: Chaparral Canyon Update

Thank you for contacting Councilmember Scott Sherman’s office and sharing your concerns regarding the homeless encampment. Keeping our neighbors safe is a top priority for the Councilmember. As soon as our office found out about the encampment and recent burglaries last week, Councilmember Sherman fast-tracked the cleanup of the canyon and has been in contact with SDPD and City Staff on a daily basis.

This afternoon I met with City Staff and (Police Community Relations)Officer Adam McElroy near the homeless encampment off of Del Cerro Blvd. Code enforcement placed notices (pictured below and required by law) on personal property located in the canyon and staff will be returning Wednesday afternoon to remove anything left behind.

I know that several people have asked why our office has not responded to posts on and the reasoning is we simply do not have access to them as posts are only available to residents in the area. While certain City departments (ie. SDPD and PUD) have the ability to post on, they only have the ability to view comments on authored posts. The Councilmember appreciates hearing from residents in the District and encourages communication by email at or phone at 619-236-6677.

Thank you for your patience during this process and I will be sending another update after camp is removed.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if there is anything I can do to assist you.


Liz Saidkhanian, Council Representative
Councilmember Scott Sherman

Notice to Clean Up for Chapparal Canyon 061515

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Some things to do this weekend in our community

Good morning all:

Friday, June 5
1) Farmers Market in the Allied Gardens Shopping Center – 4 – 8 p.m.
2) Free “First Friday Concerts in the Park” at the Allied Gardens Community Park – on the grass area (also known as “The Peanut”) from 6 to 8 p.m.
For more information
Y3K is a modern band specializing in familiar and fun live dance hits. Specializing in playing current hits from the 80’s, 90’s and
today, not just the classic oldies, Y3K is the band for events where all ages will be present. With three lead vocalists, 4-part
harmony, male and female vocalists, keyboards, guitar, bass, drums and percussion, Y3K has the tools and talent to accurately cover
hits from any decade, so everyone joins in the fun. The members of Y3K thoroughly enjoy entertaining, a refreshing quality that is
contagious to audiences!

Sunday, June 7
1) Free Concert at the Mission Trails Visitor Center – 3 p.m. featuring Caprice Strings. They are returning for their third
concert. Caprice Strings with Francesca Savage, beautifully melds the string sounds of violin, viola, and cello into a trio
ensemble. Caprice has performed widely over the past 20 years with an extensive repertoire that embraces baroque, classical
and contemporary works – from Bach to Mozart to Gershwin and The Beatles.

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